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The tools and how to use them

Whether you are a big group or a team of two, this topic might help you think about roles, and how you communicate and make decisions.  These tools can be used with Who can help.

If you haven’t already, check for Signs of immediate danger.  This might affect what you do next.

To get an idea of how your group works, see Working together Quick Question GuideTeam roles Checklist describes common roles such as instigator, facilitator, nurturer, cheerleader and so on, and who might suit them. Agreements for lasting over time has a list of good practices for working together.

Good communication is important for working well together. Communication Worksheet has a list of guiding questions to think through the best ways for everybody to get the information they need.

Decision-making types and models describes ways for groups to make decisions for you to try or choose from.


Tools and examples

Real story: He kōrero iti


Other sections that can help

A group may start with the tools in What is going on to make sure you understand what is happening and are all on the same page.

Staying safe is always important.  As more people get involved, making sure that you work together and agree on confidentiality and safety planning is even more important.

A key to working together well is setting goals together.  Differences of opinion can be worked through so you can agree on goals and how to reach them.

If you want to think about your level of participation there is a tool in How can you encourage accountability.