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The tools and how to use them

This topic has information and tools to help figure out what is happening. 

If you are in immediate crisis or have less time, start with What is going on Quick Question Guide Document.  If the group wants to do a full assessment at the beginning of an intervention, or when there is more time or people, use What is going on Worksheet.  These tools can be used again in later stages of what might be a long process.

A first step of taking responsibility can be writing a statement about the harm you have caused.  Naming the harm Chart and Thinking about a harm statement can help you be specific about what harm happened or is happening, and figure out which details are important for different purposes.

What is going on intervention factors at a glance gives more information about what type of violent situation you are in, thoughts on communicating about the situation with others who may get involved, figuring out what strengths and weaknesses the intervention group has, and other things that might be important.


Tools and examples

Real story: I hear yelling in my apartment building?  What is going on?


Other sections that can help

Tools to work out who can help and who is connected to the situation are in Who can help and How do you work together.  There are also agencies that might have support (see Resources).

Tools to help you look at your goals (your own and the groups) are in What do you want.