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The tools and how to use them

This topic has tools to get clear on what you want and hope to get from your intervention. 

If you haven’t already, check for Signs of immediate danger.  This might affect what you do next.

The Dealing with strong negative feelings and fantasy tool helps you sort through what you want and what is beyond your control.

What do you want Guiding questions and Chart can be used to think through your goals for the intervention.  If you work with a group, Mapping combined goals Chart and Shared collective goals Chart can help you move from individual goals to group goals that you can all support. 

Goal setting can be complicated, especially if you are working in a larger group.  Collective goals summary checklist and next steps helps you bring all of these goals together.  Then  Turning goals into action helps you move from goals to the concrete steps you need to get them done.


Tools and examples

Real story: Community responds to domestic violence


Other sections that can help

Working out What is going on may include getting clear about your goals.

Tools to help make decisions including setting goals are in How do you work together.

How do you encourage accountability has tools to connect your goals with how the person who hurt you can be accountable.

Tools to help you take action towards meeting goals are in How are you doing